Stare Jabłonki Ostróda
  Departure of a bus from Ostróda* to Stare Jabłonki (about 30 min) 12:00
Stare Jabłonki Ostróda
Departure of the ship from Stare Jabłonki** to Ostróda (about 2 h 30 min) 12:30


*Bus stop for passengers of Żegluga Ostródzko – Elbląska in Ostródaul. Mickiewicza 22 (near the Castle)

**Harbor of Żegluga Ostródzko – Elbląska in Stare Jabłonkiul. Spacerowa (Hotel’s Anders beach)


  • About 2 h 30 min
  • Stare Jabłonki – Ostróda

  • 12:30
  • 27.04.2024 – 30.09.2024


  • Delivery by bus

Before the cruise, there is a possibility to take the transport from Ostróda – Stare Jabłonki to the marina located just by the Anders Hotel beach, from where the cruise begins. The 18-kilometer route, called the Path of the Szeląg, winds through 4 lakes: Szeląg Mały Lake, Szeląg Wielki Lake, Pauzeńskie Lake, and Drwęckie Lake. Ships pass through floodgates on two occasions, which are located in Mała Ruś and Ostróda, as well as a brick tunnel connecting Szeląg Wielki with Szeląg Mały, which, apart from the unusually charming landscape that characterizes the entire route, is a great experience for each participant of the cruise. During the 2.5 hour cruise, you will encounter protected bird species, including the majestic sea eagle but also crane, heron, or grebe. Considering its environmental as well as cultural values, the terrain has been encompassed with legal protection in the form of the Area of the Protected Landscape of the Elbląg Canal. The beautiful surroundings of the section from Stare Jabłonki to Ostróda is especially valued by the enthusiasts of canoeing and kayaking, who enjoy this quiet arm of the Elbląg Canal. The ship finishes its cruise in Ostróda at the marina in ul. Mickiewicza 9a.

After the cruise is over, we do not provide transport back to Stare Jabłonki.

Cruise schedule:

Season 2024 starts on April. Hours and days of departure may change.
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Price list:


Standard ticket
85 15
Reduced fair ticket*
75 15
Ticket for children below the age of 4
19 9
Group ticket**
75 15

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*Reduced Fair Ticket – for children in the age from 4 to 16 as well to seniors above the age of 60 as well as persons with disabilities and their carers.

**Group Ticket – for an organised group at least 20 persons.

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